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Labrador is not only a meme coin, is your virtual pet which help you to earn money!

Buy Lambrador coin and buy NFT to give boost in your staking!

Look your pet via Augmented reality!

(AR) is the integration of digital information with the user’s environment in real time

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Why to buy Labrador

The Labrador Retriever’s strong build and open, happy temperament make it one of the most tireless breeds.

Labrador Retriever Information

Swimming, hunting, playing, walking with his owner: the Labrador Retriever is ready for everything! If you want a breed that makes training easy, that is highly intelligent, balanced and, above all, playful, the Labrador Retriever is for you.

Most Labrador Retrievers are also very fond of children. It’s important to remember that this breed has a pretty big motivator: its appetite! This can make it difficult for Labrador Retrievers to maintain a healthy weight, much more so than other breeds. However, with a balanced, healthy diet and plenty of exercise it is certainly possible.

  • It needs a lot of space
  • It takes a lot of exercise
  • Gentle with children

Buy the Labrador coin and your NFT and earn money all day!

Labrador Coin has many utilities and in the near future will more!

How to Mint

Not needs to buy NFT to stake your coins! Staking works for all users who has 1.000.000 Labrador Coins!

But we have special and unique NFTS which you can boost your stake earnings and many others benefits coming only for NFT holders!

Its simple for all to buy NFT, just connect your wallet, select your NFT, confirm the transaction and receive your NFT.

You are ready now to see your unique labrador in your place via Augmented reality!

Scan the QR Code and look your lucky labrador in your house!

This is the first utility of our coin which we build many others!

  • 01

    Connect your Wallet

  • 02

    Select Your Quantity

  • 03

    Confirm The Transaction

  • 04

    Receive Your NFT’s

Labrador Lovers

Labrador Lovers represent a collection of Celebrities who own Labrador Retriever & their lovely Dogs. With Labradors VR Hybrid are our foul house Collections


Phase 01

October 28, 2022

Site & Social Ready

We have ready the site with all informations, NFTS and Utilities. We just create Telegram Channel, Twitter, Discord, Facebook. The community just start to build!

Phase 02

November 10, 2022

Contract ready

The Smart Contract is ready. We have audid, KYC, DOXX, Safu. The team has very big experiance. We plan the presale on Pinksale at the best momentum! Are you ready?

Phase 03

November 20, 2022

Big Marketing

We start our big marketing plan now before launched, we must build the strongest community now! As we said labrador not only a meme coin! Soon all other memes coins will be partners with us!

Phase 04

November 30, 2022

Presale Starts

The first best moment of labrador will be the presale on Pinksale! We are ready to fill the hardcap very quickly. The fair launch on Pancake is on fire! Lets work as community to make labrador the best meme coin in 2023

Phase 05

December 1, 2022


We have volume, we have holders, we have the best community. So Coinmarketcap and Coingecko list our meme coin! More people knows labrador!

Phase 06

December 18-25, 2022

Santa Labrador Coming

The best gift game of christmas, take free labrador, NFTS and Dollars. Santa Labrador coming to Town. CHO CHO WOOF! Labrador loves to make families happy!

Phase 07

January 14, 2023

CEX listings

Time to list Labrador into more and more exchanges! January is the month of listings after many communications, its time to announce the best partnerships!

Phase 08

January 28, 2023

All Memes respect Labrador

Labrador is the best dog for us and for many people! Time Doge,Shiba and all others to respect us for our work! Elon come here now, you need Labrador. We send you now yours!

Phase 09

February 12, 2023

Built Utilities

Metaverse and more more utilities coming. The new expert farms coming. The best place of all memes coins coming. The biggest pet application coming.. Stay Tuned!


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